Released on 2022-06-13

  • Fixed: Not all search results are displayed in certain situations.
  • Fixed: ListPreviewUrls setting cannot be read when it is stored as a string registry value (REG_SZ) instead of a multi-string value (REG_MULTI_SZ).
  • Fixed: ListPreviewUrls is not correctly migrated from the Qwickr application registry key to the Qwickr user's registry key.
  • New: Added option to configure a SharePoint search scope to search across multi geo-locations using the property SearchInMultiGeoLocations.
    Note: To configure a SharePoint search scope to search across all multi geo-locations, set add a property "SearchInMultiGeoLocations" and set its value to "true".
  • New: Added option to configure the use of the default system browser instead of the embedded browser popup window for login.
    Note: To enable the use of the system browser, set the "AzureAd:UseSystemBrowser" string registry value to "true".
  • New: Added Norwegian language pack.
  • New: You can now use the dynamic variable "{EncodedUPN}" in the QueryTemplate of a Search Scope, this variable will be resolved the UPN of the current user where any period, comma, space or at sign ("@") replace by an underscore.
    Note: This is partically handy when configuring a Search Scope for the user's OneDrive, the QueryTemplate could look like this:
    Or like this if you want to configure a Search Scope "Shared OneDrives" and exclude the current user's OneDrive:
    (path:\"*\") AND (-path:\"{EncodedUPN}/*\")

Released on 2022-03-31

  • New: Added option to configure the behavior (automatically expand) when adding grouping to the search results grid.
  • New: Added French language pack.

Released on 2021-12-09

  • Fixed: Double-clicking an e-mail file when double-click action is set to "View in local application" does not work.

Released on 2021-12-13

  • Fixed: Preview browser control now retains cookies.

Released on 2021-12-03

  • Fixed: Loading ListPreviewUrls setting from central configuration does not work.
  • Fixed: Missing percentage indicator, when loading all results.
  • Minor: Added option to configure Qwickr's temp directory by setting the "TempDirectory" string registry value.

Released on 2021-06-30

  • New: Added "Trending" files to "Files" tab
  • Improved: Made ZoomLevel configurable (via registry).
    Note: see Administrator manual for instructions.
  • Improved: Qwickr can now be instructed to immediately start a search when started via the protocol handler.
    Note: include "searchnow=true" as argument in the protocol.
  • Fixed: Searching for date period like "this week" with date filter does not work when using other locale than English.
  • Fixed: Format of "Search Doc-ID with Qwickr" link format was not correct.
  • Fixed: In some situations, opening an attachment from an e-mail preview does not work.
  • Fixed: ListPreviewUrls setting would not be synchronised correctly from central configuration repository.
  • Minor: Updated Planner task preview template.
  • Minor: Updated msi to make sure, the protocol handler settings are installed in both the "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT" and "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Classes" locations.

Released on 2021-04-23

  • Fixed: Loading a saved search does not set the correct search scope when using a user defined search scope.
  • Fixed: Sorting on filetype-icon column results in an error.
  • Minor: Renamed "Add Website" to "Add Link" in Favorites context menu.

Released on 2021-04-20

  • Fixed: ProductKey setting would not load correctly during log in.

Released on 2021-03-31

  • Warning: Before applying the update, please make sure to backup the following location(s):
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TDI\Qwickr
  • New: Favorites pane, save a search result or even a website to you list of Qwickr favorites for easy and quick access just like a browser's favorites.
  • New: Change tracking pane, add an item to your watch list, which then is continuously monitored for changes and notifying you about any updates.
  • New (in preview): Teams pane, lists your joined teams and provides the ability (via right-click) to "search from here" / "query from here" or open the team in Microsoft Teams.
  • New: Search action sharing, you can now send a link to another Qwickr user, and upon opening the link, Qwickr will perform the same search action on the other user's machine.
  • New: Comparing files using DocsCorp's compareDocs.
    Note: DocsCorp's compareDocs is not included.
  • New: Added copy path option to context-menu.
  • New: Added Qontext Integration (added possibility to configure custom preview url for list items of a certain list).
  • New: Added properties and versions tabs to the preview pane.
  • New: Option to add "template" columns to the search results grid. These template columns can be used to render a computed value using Liquid tags.
    Note: These columns cannot be used to sort or filter, however grouping is supported.
  • New: Option to automatically group search results based on parent folder when doing a "Search From Here" allowing for a better browse like experience.
  • New: You can now switch between your Microsoft 365 accounts (using the account button in the Window Title bar).
  • New: Added a new search scope (My e-mails) to search for messages in your Exchange inbox using Microsoft Search.
    Note: Searching for e-mail messages is done via the Microsoft Graph beta endpoint, the APIs in the beta endpoint are subject to change. Due to some limitations in the API, this might result in less stable functionality then you are used to of Qwickr or different behavior then searching across SharePoint.
  • New: Qwickr settings can be distributed/ synchronised via a configurable SharePoint list, to for example centralize the search scopes configuration.
  • New: Export search results to an MS Excel file.
  • Improved: Previewing files other than e-mails, now uses the Microsoft Graph preview page instead of the SharePoint preview page.
  • Improved: Added button to cancel long running search.
  • Improved: Search button is highlighted when search criteria have changed, indicating the user should perform a new search to see results based on the updated criteria.
  • Improved: Added document libraries and lists as filetype filters.
  • Improved: Made preview pane more responsive when switching from search results.
  • Improved: File type filters are now configurable via the settings page.
    Note: the registry settings DefaultFileTypeFilterIndex is hereby deprecated, the file type filters can be re-ordered via the settings page. The first filter will be used as default filter.
  • Improved: The action to perform when double-clicking an item, can now be configured via the settings page.
  • Improved: OneNote files (*.one) now support being opened in the local OneNote application.
  • Fixed: Search results were not sorted by default (now, when no other sorting order has been set, they are being sorted by "rank" descending, so the most relevant results on top).
  • Fixed: When loading a saved search with grouping settings, the grouping settings do not overrule the current grouping settings of the advanced grid.
  • Fixed: Not all search results are loaded due to changes in SharePoint api.
  • Fixed: Copying the path of a search result that has spaces in it's URL, results to a none working URL (Now the path gets encoded, which should no longer result in a none working URL).
  • Fixed: Searching based on date period, is returning results not in given period.
  • Fixed: "No matches found for your search" message remains visible when resetting files or clearing search criteria.
  • Changed: Removed the "Simple" view, the "Simple" view is now basically the same like the "Advanced" gridview, without all the advanced options, like filtering, grouping and sorting.
  • Minor: Changed column selection icon on advanced search grid.
  • Deprecated: As of this release, SharePoint On-Prem is no longer supported.

Released on 2020-01-15

  • Fixed: Qwickr is unable to detect if Repstor affinity is installed when the 64-bit version of Repstor affinity is installed.

Released on 2019-11-18

  • Improved: Added option to overrule default PDF application (set the following registry value ".pdf", to the full-path of the application to use to open PDF files).
  • Improved: Added support for previewing .txt files.
  • Improved: Added query template option to search scope.
  • Improved: Added sort order option to search scope.

Released on 2019-11-11

  • Improved: Double-clicking files that cannot be edited in a local application, are now downloaded and opened automatically, where as they previously would only be downloaded.

Released on 2019-10-30

  • Improved: Support for numeric filter fields.
  • Fixed: Preview reloads when right-clicking the search result for which the preview is being shown.

Released on 2019-10-08

  • Fixed: Not all results are loaded, due to errors reading certain fields.

Released on 2019-11-12

  • Improved: Selected grouping and "Load all" options of the advanced grid are now stored with the saved search.
  • Improved: Split change tracking page in "Changes" overview section and "Watchlist" section.
  • Improved: Added grouping functionality to both the "Changes" section and "Watchlist" section on the change tracking page.
  • Improved: Double-clicking files that cannot be edited in a local application, are now downloaded and opened automatically, where as they previously would only be downloaded.
  • Improved: Support for numeric filter fields.
  • Fixed: Preview reloads when right-clicking the search result for which the preview is being shown.
  • Fixed: "Open location" and "Open location in Outlook" does not work for OneNote files.
  • Fixed: Not all results are loaded, due to errors reading certain fields.

Released on 2019-11-12

  • Improved: Selected grouping and "Load all" options of the advanced grid are now stored with the saved search.
  • Improved: Split change tracking page in "Changes" overview section and "Watchlist" section.
  • Improved: Added grouping functionality to both the "Changes" section and "Watchlist" section on the change tracking page.
  • Improved: Double-clicking files that cannot be edited in a local application, are now downloaded and opened automatically, where as they previously would only be downloaded.
  • Improved: Support for numeric filter fields.
  • Fixed: Preview reloads when right-clicking the search result for which the preview is being shown.
  • Fixed: "Open location" and "Open location in Outlook" does not work for OneNote files.
  • Fixed: Not all results are loaded, due to errors reading certain fields.

Released on 2019-09-20

  • Improved: Added Favorites functionality.
  • Improved: Added Watchlist functionality.
  • Improved: The "Search from here" command has been split into a "Query from here" and "Search from here". The first one basically sets all the criteria to search from the specified location, but does not initiate the search. Where the latter does the same, but also initiates the search immediatilly.
  • Improved: Added a "Load previous search" button in front of the search criteria box. This button appears as soon as you have a previous search. When clicked, it loads your previous search, it basically works like the "back" button of your internet browser. It's especially comes in handy when performing a "Search from here" on a folder, because you then get a kind of browse like functionality. Please note that you can go back up to 10 searches at max.

Released on 2019-08-21

  • Fixed: Opening Qwickr by tapping the trigger key does not set focus to the main window on first start.
  • Fixed: Downloaded image files do not open.
  • Fixed: Sending links to image files contains the wrong download link.
  • Fixed: Sending image files does not attach the file to the e-mail.
  • Improved: Double-clicking image files now automatically downloads the file to a temporary location and opens the file immediately.

Released on 2019-07-08

  • Fixed: Double-clicking a search result does not work in certain circumstances.

Released on 2019-06-13

  • Fixed: Search criteria box not having focus the first time Qwickr is started.
  • Fixed: German translation for filter box.
  • Fixed: Minor protocol handler fixes.
  • Improved: Change the way datetime refiners / columns are handled. By default the datetime format of the configured locale is used. However this can be overriden by setting the following registry string value "DateTimeFormat", with for example the following value "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm" to display the datetime as "2019-12-31 14:05"
  • Improved: Added an error message in case Qwickr cannot handle the "search from here..." instructions from the Repstor extension.
  • Improved: Showing properties of a file, now displays the display form instead of the edit form (DispForm.aspx SharePoint page instead of the EditForm.aspx).

Released on 2019-05-06

  • Fixed: Right-click menu does not contain all available commands on pages other than the first page.

Released on 2019-03-21

  • Fixed: Updated Chromium browser due to (CVE-2019-5786).
  • Fixed: License is not valid message sometimes appears wrongly.

Released on 2019-03-20

  • Improved: Added a paperclip icon to the grid column which is marked to display as an "Has Attachment" icon.

Released on 2019-03-18

  • Improved: Added the option to mark a grid column to display as an "Has Attachment" icon, this requires some advanced configuration and can be done by your system administrator.
  • Improved: Search criteria does now support dynamic date range filters for example (LastModifiedTime:{today-7d}...{today}) which searches for items modified in the last 7 days.
  • Improved: Changed look and file of all (popup) windows to the same look and feel as main window.
  • Improved: Made sort direction context-menu current sort direction aware.
  • Improved: Added busy indicator to the properties and versions window.
  • Improved: Added option to protocol handler to start Qwickr and load a saved search (qwickr:savedsearch=Example Saved Search).
  • Improved: Changed the way the grid can be sorted: previously left-clicking the column would sort (1st time Asc, 2nd time Desc, 3rd time None). Now you just have to right-click the column and you can directly choose the sorting direction. The context-menu will also 'tell' you if a column is not sortable.
  • Improved: Added the option to the Qwickr-Configuration tool to select which columns are sortable and/or orderable.
  • Improved: Changed the "load all" behaviour, the switch can now be set to "On" which loads all results, or to "Off" which loads the results page per page.
  • Improved: Added button to change product key.
  • Improved: Added support for previewing of .eml files.
  • Improved: Added new logo.
  • Fixed: Save search window was not displaying the sort order.
  • Fixed: Sometimes clicking the save button on the properties dialog would not return to the properties dialog, but instead display an empty page.
  • Fixed: Sometimes the preview window would not open automatically.
  • Fixed: Clicking on the Qwickr icon, when pinned to the Windows taskbar, would not start Qwickr.
  • Fixed: Window resized by user is now respected during active session.

Released on 2019-02-14

  • Improved: Added recent searches.
  • Improved: Added document command to "view" files (Opens MS Office apps in read-only mode, does not perform a checkout)
  • Improved: Added load from "Search Configuration.xml" to Qwickr-Configuration.exe
  • Improved: The amount of search results per page is now configurable.
  • Improved: Copy Document-ID, Copy Document Link, Send Link and Send Document commands moved out of Document Info context menu for easy accessibility.
  • Improved: Changed the functionality of the Download document command, previously this command would open your default Web Browser opening the document online, now it does what it says, it allows you to download one or more documents to your local machine.
  • Improved: Whether or not a column in the Advanced view is sortable, can now be configured by an administrator (via the Registry).
  • Improved: Alert me and Share commands are now also availabe on folders.
  • Improved: Added "Search Doc-ID with Qwickr" link when sending document links.
  • Improved: Date filters have been extended, besides selecting "today", "last week", etc. you can now select a specific date or date range.
  • Improved: Added a context menu option to the saved- and recent searches, allowing you to run a seach since the last time it was used, or since a specific date.
  • Improved: Added the option to "Load all" results at once, instead of page per page. This functionality should be used with caution as this load ALL results, and depending on the amount of results, this could block your machine from responding and loading the results can take a significant amount of time.
  • Fixed: Adding the term {me} to the search box, resolved to the current user's title, allows you to search for example for documents created by you createdby:{me}
  • Fixed: Opening Properties or Version of a document would sometimes display the SharePoint login window.
  • Fixed: Search From Here... is now also saved when saving the search.

Released on 2018-12-19

  • Fixed: Preview not working when switching between SharePoint and OneDrive for Business files.

Released on 2018-12-11

  • Fixed: Sorting error when sorting on Title.
  • Fixed: German translations
  • Improved: Added multi-select functionality to the advanced grid view.
  • Improved: In addition to sending document links, it is now also possible to send the document itself as attachment.
  • Improved: Previous Title and Filename where combined into the Title column, now Filename has been added as separate field.
  • Improved: When starting a "Search from..." using the Qwickr extension in Repstor affinity, it is no longer necessary to first close the Qwickr window.
  • Improved: Changed accent color of the hamburger menu and main window's title bar to match overall theme color.

Released on 2018-11-27

  • Improved: Replaced IE browser controls with Chromium.
  • Improved: Logon screen is now hidden/minimized until necessary.
  • Changed: Versioning scheme to major.minor.patch, in order to match the semantic versioning scheme.

Released on 2018-11-09

  • Improved: Advanced grid column selection, renaming and re-ordering.

Released on 2018-11-06

  • Fixed: E-mail preview sometimes stops working.
  • Fixed: E-mail preview now supports e-mails in rtf format.
  • Fixed: Changed title for files to filename instead of title property.
  • Improved: Unexpected error handling.

Released on 2018-10-23

  • Fixed: Advanced view sorting.

Released on 2018-09-27

  • Fixed: Translation in Auto-Updater dialog.
  • Improved: Added translations for filetype filter options Files, Folders and SharePoint Sites.
  • Improved: Made default filetype filter option configurable via registry setting DefaultFileTypeFilterIndex (zero-based index number).
  • Improved: Added the possibility to disable Repstor integration although Repstor is installed, via RepstorIntegrationEnabled registry settings.
  • Improved: Excluded html and aspx files from search criteria when using filetype filter Files.

Released on 2018-09-26

  • Improved: An issue where e-mail preview would not load in certain situations.
  • Fixed: Translations for the Always show preview pane options.

Released on 2018-09-26

  • Fixed: An issue where preview would not load.
  • Improved: Added new context menu options including icons.

Released on 2018-08-27

  • Improved: Enhanced e-mail preview, attachments can now be opened by clicking on them.

Released on 2018-08-23

  • Improved: Added language specific filters.

Released on 2018-08-21

  • Fixed: Installer, now adds the installdir to the PATH environment variable.
  • Fixed: Edit in local application did not work for legacy office formats like .dot, .xls and .ppt.
  • Improved: Added auto-update functionality.
  • Improved: File type filters have slightly changed, All files is replaced by All types, and separate filters for Files, Folders and SharePoint Sites have been added.
  • Improved: Right-click menu is now different for files or folders and SharePoint sites.

Released on 2018-07-20

  • Fixed: An issue where the busy indicator was partially hidden behind the preview pane.
  • Fixed: An issue where filter controls for Write and LastModifiedTime columns would not be set properly when Write and/or LastModifiedTime properties of the first search results are empty.
  • Fixed: An issue where preview would not be loaded if file is located in OneDrive for Business (
  • Fixed: An issue where Third party license notice was missing from the MSI installer.
  • Improved: Added clear button next to the quick filter drop downs.

Released on 2018-07-18

  • Improved: Grid sorting now performs a new search instead of sorting only the displayed results.
  • Improved: Added button to reset filters.
  • Improved: Selected filters are now being highlighted.
  • Fixed: Added adm template to setup.

Released on 2018-07-10